Office life is something like a machine that goes running when you start it; you need something that makes you feel good and free to complete your work successfully.


Many companies adopt green and fresh plants so that they can provide you the refreshment and joy while working at your office, today we are going to check out the top 10 plants that are adapted in most of the offices as they remain fresh throughout.

10 Plants you can adapt at your office Desk

Make sure you have the following plants on your work desk to make your day pleasant and enthusiastic.

Air Plants

These plants do not require any soil for survival; you just need to dunk them every ten days in water for about two to three hours for the growth. They are considered to be the spidery guys, and this would be the perfect pick to have on the labor’s desk for having a good afternoon without any crunching activities.


Are you a plant novice? If so, you can choose the cactus to hold on your office desk, these plants love natural light, and it is preferred for thriving. It’s just enough to water once a week if it’s summer and every three weeks if it’s winter or fall.

Spider Plants

Spider plants always get dried out so that you can prefer this plants for few sessions between waterings. These spider plants love indirect light so that you can have this if your office is in the dark area or if a windowless office accompanies it.

Jade Plants

Just a small quantity of light for few hour is needed for the growth of the plants; you can have this anywhere on your work desk. This type of plants requires being water after the soil goes dry for the pleasant feeling. You can test the moisture while you have a walk around the desk in the morning.

Snake Plants

If you love to grow vertical plants on your working desk, then prefer to go with these snake plants as they are capable of surviving in low light drought and levels. You can find a few minutes of checking out these plants so that they can keep you fresh and enthusiastic throughout your work.

Aloe Vera

Soaking them with water every two to three weeks is enough them to grow up, Aloe vera is an excellent and preferred plant in every worker desks as they have the power to provide the refreshment while you work.


They are considered to be a lucky plant, and therefore you can check out this plant in most of the worker office desk, they are made of cube desks, and thus they can provide you more workspace as needed.


They are derived from the waxy plants as they are capable of storing water within their thick leaves, so it’s enough you water them weekly once. They love sunlight and dry air, so make sure you have the type of office surrounding.

English Ivy

At starting, you will require watering frequently, but once they get established and starts tolerating the dry conditions, then you can stop watering frequently. They are best when placed in cooler temperatures.


The plants are ready to survive in direct or indirect sunlight, they prefer dry soils when compared and so make sure you adapt them to the dry soil for several days for the excellent work production.

Bottom Line

Adapt them and feel the difference in your working nature!

Any ideas, thoughts, and queries on the topic are welcome.