Plants that can grow with low light and without sunlight are referred as office plants. Such plants are mostly grown in the indoor environment and they have many uses. Some people use these plants as a refreshing agent and some other use them to reduce the odor.

good luck office plants

The office plants that are used especially for luck is referred as good luck office plants. Mostly, the office persons who rely on luck use the good luck office plants. The good luck plants are used from the ancient days and are believed by many people till now.

Top 5 Good Luck Office Plants

There are many types and varieties of plants used in the office. Among them, the top 5 good luck plants are listed below.

  1. Bamboo Plant

The scientific name of the lucky bamboo office plant is Dracaena sanderiana. This plant is commonly spread throughout the rainy forests in Asian countries. This plant is believed to be the luckiest plant over 4000 years ago. Caring this plant is very easy; it can be just done by following few steps. This plant can tolerate adverse condition such as cool and hot, but this plant cannot survive in water.

Keeping and growing this plant in shade will keep it attractive. This plant grows in the direction of sunlight and with this; it can be designed into various shapes and sizes. The main reason for using these plants in the office is that it brings prosperity, health, and wealth. The roots of this plant should be immersed in water else, the plant will die. Trimming is necessary to this plant as trimming will keep this plant beautiful.

  1. Jade Plant

The Jade plant belongs to the genus Crassula and species ovata. Many people and businessmen use this jade plant in their living area and in their working space. The jade plant is considered as a lucky plant and it brings prosperity, friendship, and good luck to the person using it. This plant can be used as a good present for friends. Presenting this plant to others is a symbol of wishing them good luck.

This plant grows easily under low light condition and it can be used effectively in the indoor environment. This plant has succulent leaves that stores water similar to that of cactus. It is also referred as evergreen plant and has to be watered on a regular basis. The flower of this plant is white in color.

  1. Areca Palm

The scientific name of this plant is Dypsis lutescens. The name areca palm is given to this plant because the leaves of this tree are arched and the stem looks similar to that of a palm tree. This plant can withstand hazardous conditions and it can grow well in the indoor environment. This plant can be used either as an indoor or outdoor plant.

Placing this plant within the working area will reduce harmful pollutants in the air; other than this, the plant produces a positive energy and this positive energy will motivate the employees to work good. This plant expires 1 liter of water per hour and so, it can also be used as an excellent humidifier.

  1. Devils Ivy

The plant devils ivy is commonly referred as money plant in many regions. The scientific name of this plant is given as Epipremnum aureum. The money plant is referred as one of the oldest members of lucky plant variety and this plant is commonly used in the offices. These plants look attractive in the office and used as a symbol of good health, longevity, wealth, and prosperity.

This plant requires less maintenance and needs water for its growth. This plant is a creeper and can grow at various heights. Proper trimming will keep these plants attractive in the office. This plant can also be used in the indoor regions where there is less sunlight.

  1. Snake Plant

The scientific name of snake plant is Sansevieria trifasciata. The other name of snake plant is the mother-in-law’s tongue. The important feature of this plant is, it actively removes the harmful pollutants from the atmospheric air. Other than this, the plant also increases the humidity in the surrounding air. This plant is used as a luckiest plant because it brings prosperity and happiness in the region around the user.

The attractive feature of this plant is its leaves. The leaves of these plants look attractive with dark green and bordered yellow colors. This plant can grow easily under the low light condition and needs less maintenance for survival.

Hence, the above are the top 5 lucky  plants that can be used in the office. Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries, share it in the box given below.