Most of the artificial hanging plants are the replica of the natural hanging plants that helps for decorating the restaurants and residential purposes. The artificial flowering plants imitate the original plants and also help to increasing the productivity by avoiding the stress.

The artificial flowering plants are usually made of the polyester fabric and require no maintenance. In the today’s trend, it is hard to differentiate between the artificial and original hanging plants and hence, most of the people prefer to go with the artificial hanging plants as it lasts longer.

Artificial Hanging Plants Usage over Office Environment

Varieties Of Artificial Hanging Plants

There are different kinds of artificial hanging plants that require less time for maintenance purpose and it has to be cleaned up once in a month. Here are the best artificial hanging plants listed down below.

Miracle Retail Hanging Type Artificial Creeper Plant

This artificial creeper plants usually come with the greenish color with a height of 90cm. It is suitable for the home decorations, office decorations, etc. It is easy to care and clean and does not require any, maintenance and exposure to direct sunlight for survival. This type of artificial hanging plant weighs only up to 100 grams and is guaranteed up to several years.

Nearly Natural Bougainvillea Hanging Plant 6608

The Bougainvillea artificial hanging plant is filled with a bunch of blooming flowers of dark greenish colored leaves. It bloom with the cream colored flowerings and has the oval shaped leaves all of which weighs only 19 ounces.

Artificial Hanging Vine Plants

This artificial vine hanging plants blooms with many leaves that works great in decorating the home, wedding hall, restaurants, and festival decorations. This type of hanging plant is made with certain material for the leaves to provide an original hanging plant look. The whole arrangements measures 8 inches height, 7 inches width and 2 inches depth.

The Futaba Branded Artificial Ivy Leaf Hanging Plants

It is made of high qualified plastic silk clothing material and gives a look resembling the original hanging plants. This Ivy plant includes the small leaf of measure 4 cm length and 3.5 cm width and big leaf of measure 4.5 cm length and 4.5 cm width. It is used to decorate the house ceilings, balconies, and visitors hall and weighs only of 32 grams.

Artificial Lily Flower Hanging plants

This artificial lily hanging plants comes with a bunch of yellow colored flowers which are made of high quality material that are suitable for hanging over the table mounted drills, handmade drills, and other types of drills. It is considered to be the best for decorating the kitchen, bedroom, living room, wedding halls, hotels, and coffee shops and also provides a classy stylish look over the surroundings. It is imported from Hongkong and weighs only up to 127 grams.

We hope that the article helped you to know the best artificial hanging plants. In case you wish to know more details, refer to the article on best hanging basket plants.