The presence of the green plants adds beauty to the area and has also many benefits. In olden days, each and every household had allotted a separate area for growing trees. Nowadays, due to lack of space as a result of overpopulation, it had become impossible.

Artificial Office Plants For Office Decor

When it comes to office plants, placing a plant at the office is proven beneficial to reduce the physical and mental stress for the viewers. For those who do not have enough space for a plant and lack time for maintenance, the artificial plants are developed for placing indoors.

The artificial plants look similar to a natural plant as it is made as a replica of the original plant. They are usually made using plastic, glass, clay, nylon, silk, polyester and paper to give it a natural look.

What Are The Artificial Office Plants That Gives A Natural Look?

The collection of natural looking artificial plants of three major categories includes the following,

  1. Tabletops

The tabletops can be placed at the office tables as they come in smaller sizes. The top picks include,


The pothos artificial plants are widely made of silk material. With this material and the bright green color, it gives a natural look to the plant. The plant looks both grand and peculiar. The leaves are made to be soft and are set such that it dangles.

Cycus palms

The cycus palm is a leafy plant and is also made of polyester silk. They usually measure up to 6 to 12 inches height and are bright green in color. The plant placed anywhere adds beauty to the particular area.

  1. Floor Plants

The floor plants are those that can be placed on the floors of the office rooms. They can also be placed on the desks with wide space. The top picks include,

Golden Diffenbachia

The golden diffenbachia adds natural look your office desk. The plant holds 19 inches of height and looks green in color with pale green color spreading from the center of the leaf. This particular floor plant is perfect for indoor use. This is made of silk to make it look natural.

Spathiphyllum Bush

The spathiphyllum is a flowering bush plant with green colored leaves. The flowers of this plant are designed in cream color and it stands at 34 inches height and adds elegance to your office floor. The leaves, as well as, the flowers add beauty to the office room.

  1. Greenery

The plants under this category mostly include the grass varieties. They can be placed on tables, floors or anywhere as an office decor. The top picks include,

Pine Grass

The pine grass is one of the grass types and is obviously green in color with 8 inches of height. They are made with a combination of plastic and polyester silk to make it look natural. They can be used as a centerpiece and it gives a natural look along with a modern look that is unique.


Marginatum is a fern type plant. It stands high at 22 inches making it suitable for placing it indoors. The plant is green in color and is made of polyester silk. The plant looks natural resembling the wild fern variety. The leaves are long with uneven cuts that look unique. Placing this plant can bring in a unique look to the environment.

How To Maintain Them?

The major advantage of the artificial plants is that it does not require watering, unlike the natural plants. They are easy to maintain by a simple wipe off their leaves. Lack of proper maintenance will leave the plant dull by making it look untidy with the accumulation of dust and impurities from the air.

So, purchase an office plant according to your requirement and maintain it properly to make it last longer with the new look.