Most of the garden lovers love decorating their indoor regions with the decorative and attractive plants in the hanging baskets. The main thing to consider while choosing the best plants for hanging basket is, to choose the plant with the rich soil nutrients and free drainage path.

Best Plants for hanging basket

The hanging basket is an efficient way to create attraction. The hanging basket with the indoor plants provides an innovative look and saves space too.

List Of The Best Plants For Hanging Basket

There are several indoor plants but, only a few work well and suit for the hanging baskets. We have listed the best indoor hanging plants to provide more information.

Grape Ivy

The Grape Ivy plant or the Ellen Danica is commonly know as the Oak Leaf Ivy. This plant is one of the best hanging indoor plants that consist of deep cut leaves of the greenish color and are neat and tidy for placing in the hanging baskets. The grape ivy plant is a vine plant with the shiny green leafy texture that grows up to six feet tall and is able to withstand in the medium lighting condition at a room temperature of above 80 degrees F.

Red Prayer Plant

The red prayer plant or the Maranta Leucoreura, is easy to grow and maintain in the hanging pot. It is the best indoor plant, which is tolerant to the low lighting conditions. It requires a large range of humidity to survive.

The plant requires watering with warm water for two weeks for keeping the soil in a moist condition. Red prayer plants grow in the room temperature of above 60 degrees F and it measures six inches of height in the hangings. It helps to filter the toxins and refresh the air by adding oxygen from the air.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is suited to hang in the basket and attracts most of the visitors to the house. It is suited for the indoor regions to keep the air around the surface in a safer manner. These plants are easy to grow in the basket and it needs less maintenance with a low amount of water and the lighting condition.

It is available in all stores at a cheap rate, it helps to get rid of the air pollutants from the surroundings. They give a classy and stylish feel to the room and requires a room temperature of above 75 degrees F and can grow up to four feet tall.

Heart Shaped Philodendron

The Philodendron is a heart shaped leafy plant. The scientific name of the Philodendron is Philodendron Cordatum, it can grow anywhere except the place with direct exposure to the sunlight.

This plants help to keep the soil in a moist condition and are suitable for hanging in the pot. The philodendron is one of the efficient indoor plants that grows in the hanging basket without the exposure of sunlight. It consists of the ability to grow up to a height of six feet.

Ocean Spider Plant

The spider plant is easy to grow and maintain and helps to clean the air from the harmful air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, xylene, benzene, and formaldehyde. It consists of the white colored leaves with the sturdy long stem and can tolerate the artificial lighting condition very well. The spider plant prefers only the bright, artificial or indirect light and the exposure of the sunlight tends to destroy the parts of the plant.

Purple Colored Wandering Jew

The wandering jew plant helps grows in bright indirect lighting condition. Trimming is required in a regular basis, to keep the plant tidy. It can tolerate the morning sun and bright artificial lightings for growth and requires regular watering through the dry state condition. In dimmed light condition, the shade of the leaves starts to fade away. This plant keeps the soil in a moist state and is preferred for the winter season.

Gold Fish Plant

The goldfish plant blooms frequently in the winter season. The scientific name of the goldfish plant is Nematanthus Glabra; it helps to grow the plant in the hanging pot in the indoor region.

This kind of plant prefers only the bright light, morning sunlight, and the indirect lighting condition. Regular watering and trimming are necessary for this goldfish plant during the growing season.

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