Most of the plants are pretty and cheerful to grow in the indoor region. While buying the indoor plants, it is necessary to note down the plants that suits well for the kids and pet animals. Planting plants in the indoor region is essential to have a clean and safe environment in the surroundings.

Best Hearty office Plants

The indoor plants help to remove the air contamination caused by the harmful and toxic air pollutants. This article helps you to find the best hearty office plants for the indoor regions. People with fresh plants in their workspace tend to give more production.

List Of The Best Hearty Office Plants

Plants consist of three basic divisions such as full sun, partial sun, and shade plants. Plants can provide the sense of peace to the surrounding people. Here is a list of plants for the indoor regions that help to create the peaceful environment.


The peperomia plant is one of the most popular wax plants, textured with a group of leaves. It includes heart shaped to narrow shaped waxy textured leaves with three different colors of red, silver, and green.

The red edged peperomia plant consists of a narrow band of reddish color mated on the broad leaf margins and do not occupy much space. The peperomia plants grow up to the height of 75 degrees F in low lighting condition.

Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is easy to grow and maintain in the indoor regions and they grow up to eight feet tall. It requires rich nutrient soil to grow with little watering and a room temperature of above 80 degrees F. They look classy and grows larger.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen plant consists of silver, gray, and green shaded leaves that are attractive. The green leaves are bright with light colored spots. It grows up to three feet tall with the room temperature of about 75 degrees F. It is suitable for the low and medium light foliage and grows up to 10 years.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is a carefree plant as it consists of the tolerant capacity against the harmful air pollutant toxins. The leaves of the snake plants resemble a plastic and can withstand the low and high amount of lightings. It requires a room temperature of above 85 degrees F, which helps to allow the soil surface to be steady when watering.


The philodendron is the heart shaped leafy plant and is durable. It consists of attractive heart shaped leaves with dark light spots, which helps to grow in the low and high range of lighting conditions.

They grow up to eight feet height at a room temperature of above 80 degrees F. It is easy to grow and maintain in the indoor regions. To know about the growing and caring tips of philodendron read our article on that topic.

Pick any one among the above if you wish to place it in your office. Also, if you like this article, share it on social networking sites.