Most of the plants come with a lot of organic figural attitude that helps to improve the air quality of the surrounding environment. By adding the greenish attribute to the workspace, as well as in the living environment, offers proven health benefits to the people. It also helps to observe all the impurities present in the environment and creates a peaceful environment in the workspace.

Hanging office plant for cubicle

Plants help to improve the quality of the air and relieve stress from the people by promoting their health.  Here is a list down of some best plants that help you to consider for making the workspace a peaceful environment one.

Best Hanging Office Plant For Cubicle

The office plants that can be hung in a cubicle includes,


The Pothos plant is a flowering plant, named as Epipremnum Aureum scientifically and is suited to be placed on the desktop tables. The Pothos plant is generally hard in nature which when further exposed with the attractive vine grows faster with the attractive greenish colored leaves.

It constitutes the capability to be placed on the shelves, file cabinet areas, and the cubicle walls. These plants are easy to maintain and care, they can survive in low light too. This plant consists of golden and heart-shaped leaves which are hard to survive in the cool temperature and works well in getting rid of the carbon monoxide from the offices and homes.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is perfect to be placed in the high baskets and high shelves and is suitable for the cubicles, homes, and windowless offices. This plant needs rich soil to grow and is capable of withstanding overwatering and lighting.

It requires only low maintenance such and is able to improve the quality of the air and thereby, reduce the stress caused due to the workspace environment. It is an air cleansing plant that helps to boost up the humidity and relaxing effect to the workers of the office environment.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is a small flowering plant also named as Crassula Ovata, it requires only a lower amount of water. It is one of the popular plants which is equipped with the dark greenish color leaves and requires less lighting to survive in the environment. It is commonly named as money plant and it keeps the office in a crystal clear and safe manner. It needs fresh soil potting to create the attractive shiny leaves over the plant.

Peace Lily

The peace lily has the scientific name as Spathiphyllum and helps to decorate the hotels, malls, and other windowless areas. The flowers of peace lily last longer when compared to the other flowering plants. They require very less amount of lightings and water to survive.

It helps to remove the harmful toxic substance such as benzene, ammonia, methyl alcohol, and formaldehyde. It is usually large in size and occupies much space. Also, it is efficient in cleansing the air to provide a neat and safe environment. The peace requires watering once a week and can stay with freshness for a long duration with a little amount of lighting and water over at a temperature of 55 degrees F.

African Violet

The African violet is also known as Saintpaulia is a flowering plant that provide the safe environment. This flowering plant requires less maintenance when compared to the other plants and occupies little space over the desktop tables.

These are the best hanging plants for the cubicle. Choose one among the above and decorate your cubicle.