Placing the colorful office desk plants in the office, helps employees to relieve stress and work in a relaxed manner. These plants are also used to decorate the desk by improving the appearance of the environment.

office desk plants

Best Office Desk Plants

The best plants that are suitable for placing in the office desk includes,

1. Bamboo Palm

Placing this plant at the desk of the office helps to purify the surrounding air.  It provides warmth to the entire room. The color of the plants attracts and refresh the mind of the workers. It requires bright and indirect sunlight to survive. The good drainage gives your plant a long life span. Naturally, it prefers shady region to grow.

2. Pleomele

The reason for selecting the plant to be placed on the office desk is, it is used to decorate the desk of the workers. It has evergreen leaves with thick and irregular stems and has a yellow margin.  It is commonly called as the song of India or Dracaena reflexa and is a tropical plant.  The native of the plant is Madagascar.

3. Syngonium Podophyllum White  Butterfly

The plant has to be  kept  away from the direct  sunlight and hence, the desk of the office is considered as  the best place for it. At the young stage, the shape of the leaf is heart shaped and at the adult stage,  the shape  of the leaf  changes into an arrowhead. It can grow in warm and humid areas. Place the plant in one suitable container with proper drainage facility. It can hang, climb, and also be used as a covering for the ground.

4. Peace Lily

This plant is selected to place on the desk of the office because it can adapt the surrounding environment of the office like low humidity, air conditioning, and florescent lights. It requires only little maintenance by watering once or twice a week. Its aesthetically pleasing nature attracts the workers very much. So, they work in an energetic mind.

5. Anthurium Plant

This plant plays an important role in relieving the discomfort of rheumatism and arthritis. It supplies the medicinal properties to the open pores of the body. It needs light but, not direct sunlight and produces the red colored flowers. Avoid overwatering the plants as it causes damage to the roots and the color of the leaves may turn from green to yellow.

6. Aglaonema Siam Aurora

The color of the plant is red as it impresses the staff and hence, it is placed on the desk of the office. It has narrow leaves with short stems and it seems to be the decorative plants available in different varieties. The height the plant can grow is up to 8 inches to 4 feet.  In the case of  over watering, the stem, and the root becomes damaged.

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