Naturally, all the plants are having the capacity to grow in the exposure of direct sunlight. But in the offices, only partial or no sunlight can enter into it.  There are some of the special plants that can survive in the office environment. Before deciding to buy the plants for windowless office( plants that grow without sunlight), read the article below to know the best ones.

Best Plants For Windowless Office

Best Plants For Windowless Office

These plants are used as a decorative one, as well as, it can adapt to the office temperature. Here, we have suggested certain plants for windowless office. You can choose the one among them.

Cast-Iron Plant

It is commonly called as Aspidistra elatior and can reach the height up to 18 to 24 inches at the time of maturity. This plant can adapt the normal daytime temperature and at night time the temperature should be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the capacity to survive in low light and infrequent watering.

It needs regular fertilization during spring and summer. Providing too much fertilizer can damage the plants and causes problems like split and damaged leaves that can grow up to 3 feet. The foliage of the plant is feathery in structure. At the time of watering, you should water it evenly by covering all portions of the soil. It prefers rich and fertile soil.

Kentia Palm

It needs good watering and fertilizing to stay healthy and can grow up to 10 to 12 feet high. This plant is used in the office as a decor. It gives an elegant look to the office. The kentia palm plays a major role in removing the pollution from the surrounding air. As they are thirsty plants, you need to supply water frequently without fail. By providing the good drainage pot to the plant, they can stay long.

Peace Lily

It can adapt the surrounding environment of the office like low humidity, air conditioning, and florescent lights. It requires only little maintenance and requires watering once or twice a week. Its aesthetically pleasing nature attracts the workers very much.


You should use the pot and repot the plant when it automatically breaks the pots with its roots. It is a plant that can grow well in the fluorescent lights so that it is considered as the suitable plant to grow in the windowless office. At the time of watering the plant, you should examine whether the soil of the plant is in dried condition.  It is better to water the plants with distilled or with rainwater.

If the leaf of the plant gets dirty, you must wipe it with a soft cloth but, at the same time, you should never damage the parts of the plant. It can be used as a medicinal plant to produce the bandages for first aids and also its sap is used as an antiseptic.


The color of the plant is red and it seems to impress the staff. It has narrow leaves with short stems and it is one of the decorative plants available in different varieties. The height the plant can grow is 8 inches to 4 feet.  In the case of over watering, the stem, and the root becomes damaged severely and gets rot.

With this, you can get a clear idea about the office plants which are suitable for the windowless rooms. Try one of the plants to give you the best results. Let us know your comments about the article.