Light and water are the most important two things needed for any plants to grow.

To have a good, thriving and pleasant office plants, it’s essential to have the perfect amount of the water and lights for the plant.


Light Meter can be the best option to provide the light for the various office plants at different places; they can also help in finding the right plants needed for your office desk. Ask questions and read labels about multiple lights that are required, while considering office plants, it’s good if you go with the plants that require the low amount of direct or indirect sunlight by nature.

Watering the plants before getting dried is important, ask and know the period of the watering level needed for the office plants you have chosen. Soil probes and water meters are the two important aspects; water meter helps in providing the value numerically and also helps to know whether the soil is dry or wet.

Soil probes help in pulling out the soil plugs from any soil depth, the moisture content is checked out by these plugs and also determine how much quantity of water is needed for the office plants to survive.

Overwatering is a common problem in the case of office plants, some of them get dried soon whereas few plants take more time to get dried. So it’s important to know the watering level you need to act for each type of office plants you are going to adapt it.

Ways to care your office plant

There are two different methods for caring your plants by knowing the correct level of water and light needed. Let’s check them out in detail below.

First Method

  • From the Saucer, take your office plant out which is indulged in the excess water
  • Pot the office plants to a sink
  • You need to make sure the water is at the neutral temperature before you turn it on, ensure whether it’s not too cold or too hot.
  • Water you office plants, make sure the water is reaching the soil depth without staying at the top.
  • Stop the water when it entirely flows out the plant, by doing so you can know that the plants have received the maximum water it needs, and the excess water gets out through the sink.
  • You can turn off the water and allow the water to drip out.
  • Now, it’s the right time to place back your office plant to the saucer.

Second Method

In some cases, you will not be able to take the office plant from the saucer or else in the absence of sink you can follow this second step.

  • With the help of the watering can, you can set the water into the container at a neutral temperature.
  • Now, water the plant thoroughly and make sure you are not doing on the top of the plant, leave the soil too damp.
  • Allow the water to flow through the pot and plant
  • Stop watering once the water starts accumulating in the saucer.
  • You can now remove the plant from the saucer to get rid off the excess water from it.
  • After accumulating the water, you can place back the plant in the saucer.
  • There are high chances for overwatering if you allow the plant to sit in the excess water, this will even lead to death in plants.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above methods will help in caring your office plants without overwatering and lightings.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the topic are welcome.