Most of the office managements prefer small office plants as it occupies only less space. The office plants help in relaxing the stress and remove the allergy producing substances and dust from the surroundings. Most of the small office plants are good in managing the air quality of the workspace.

How to Choose Small Office Plants

List Of Best Small Office Plants

The office plants help to improve the productivity by reducing the stress of the employees in the workspace. It makes the people feel better and perform in an efficient manner. The list of the best small office plants include,

Lucky Bamboo Plant

 The lucky bamboo plant is easy to grow in both soil and water in the moderate temperature and lighting conditions. It is however not an original bamboo plant and it is one of the varieties of the bamboo tree.

This lucky bamboo plant is scientifically named as Dracaena genus and it grows up to the height of three feet. It usually grows in a cool vase like container, to survive for a long duration. It requires low maintenance and a room temperature of 65 to 95 degree F.

Dracaena Corn Plant

 The dracaena corn plant is an indoor type plant. It usually grows up to a height of four feet which is more ideal for the office environment. This corn plant is more attractive in nature and helps to produce a fragrant flowering. It further helps to remove the toxins present in the air.

It should be grown in the room temperature of 65 degrees F with constant water sprays during the winter and in the summer season. This plant usually requires a draining type pot and should be fertilized between the month of April and September.

Peace Lily

 The peace lily plant helps to cleanse the air impurities caused due to the air pollutants. It is more popular among the workplaces, which can spend only a little time to care and maintain. The peace lily grows up to the height of 18 inches and requires the average room temperature of above 55 degrees F.

It helps to remove the air pollutants such as benzene, trichloroethene, and formaldehyde present in the surroundings. It blooms with the white colored flowerings during the spring seasons. Due to the compact size, it is chosen as the best office plant.

Bunny Ear shaped Cactus Plant

 The cactus plant or the Opuntia Microdasys is also known as the polka dotted cactus plant. This plant is easy to be grown in the moderate lighting and less watering condition.

It usually grows up to the height of two to five feet and helps in removing the air impurities. The cactus plants require a temperature ranging between 70 to 100 degree F and it demands direct lighting and regular watering. Mostly, the cactus plant feed by means of the nitrogen fertilizers and it prefers only the low humidity condition.

Jade Plant

 The jade plant has the scientific name of Crassula Argentea and consists of the oval shaped thick leaves with the shiny dark green and red colored covering. They bloom with the pink or white colored flowers, which appears once in a year.

It requires low watering and dark conditions during the night time and grows up to the height of three feet or less. Further, it requires a room temperature of about 60 degree F during summer season and less than 50 degrees F during the winter season. Also, it is strongly recommended to re-pot during the spring and summer seasons.

Consider planting one among the above-mentioned small office plants at your office for betterment. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.