Usually, the fake office plants are kept in the office to add beauty to the surrounding environment. Apart from these, they help to relieve stress in the minds of people. Looking at the ornamental plants gives some relaxation to the workers. As they are environment friendly plants, it can be used by all the offices without any hesitation.

Fake Office Plants-Top 5 Artificial Plants

The main aim of placing the artificial plants in the office is to attract the outsiders. After placing the artificial plants in the office, you can realize the increase in production of the workers.

Best Fake Office Plants

The list of the best fake office plants include,

Hyperbole Wild Plant

The color of the plant is yellow and the material used to make the plant is synthetic fabrics. It can be placed on the desk of the office. As it is a durable one, it won’t get damaged very easily.

The major benefit of the plant is it resists the dust. So, you can find this fake plant in all the main offices. The pot is made of the high-quality wood for the plant to stay strong. It gives the best  appearance to the office.

Hanging Creeper Plant

The plant is made of the premium quality soft plastic material. It can be used either in the indoor or in the outdoor. You should water the plants regularly without fail but at the same time, avoid exposing the plant to the direct sunlight.

It resembles the real one which gives you the green and shiny look. This plant can be cleaned very easily; by applying the spray and cleaning it with the soft cloth, keep the plant always fresh.

Japanese Maple Floor Plant

The color of the fake plant is orange and its height is 142 cm. The trunk of the plant is made of polyurethane material. You can wash the plant and it is used to resist the dust. Its dense appearance is similar to the real ones.

As it is a lightweight one, you can easily shift it from one place to another place without any risk. On the top of the pot, the mixture of pebbles and faux moss are placed to add additional beauty to it.

Bonsai Plants

The plant is made of plastic materials and is green in color. It gives a great appearance to the office. As it is a non-toxic plant, it won’t produce any harm to the surrounding environment.  It requires only minimal care and maintenance and is used to brighten the living place of the people.

Areca Palm

The height of the plant is 75cm. As it is made of the best quality fabrics, it stays for the longer periods of time without any damage. The combination of fabrics and its design gives a great luxury to the office. The plant has to be placed in a wooden pot to give a strong basement. It resembles the original one and occupies the special place in all the offices. The plants offer beauty and charm to the office and help to provide energy to the workers.

After purchasing the plant, you have to  maintain it with proper care. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.