The feng shui office plants are the good luck plants that brings in prosperity. As the workers spend a lot of time in their working place, the surrounding environment has to provide a positive thought to them so as to shine by showing their capabilities in an effective manner.

Feng Shui Office Plants For Wealth

To help in this aspect, you can try planting a feng shui office plant for your office to bring wealth and also feel stress free.

10 Feng Shui Office Plants For Wealth

The following 10 feng shui office plants are well known for bringing luck and prosperity to your office.

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo office plant is widely present in the Asian countries.  As it is a flexible plant, it can be turned to any direction you wish.  The bamboo is hollow shaped, to symbolize the empty heart with humbleness.

Curly bamboo represents the opposite of the positive growth. It is used for feng shui applications as it can tolerate the various lightening in the soil and is hence, easier to be grown.

It gives you a great thought that the energy from inside is going to the outside environment. Thus, your minds become calm and focus the world in a better way. For this reason, this plant is placed in the offices.

Silver crown

It symbolizes to produce the good fortune to the people. Hence, this kind of plant can be seen in most of the offices. Besides, it represents energy and longevity. Also, silver crown require more sunlight to bloom flowers. The leaves of the plant are round shaped.

Money Plant 

It is considered as a good luck plant.The name itself symbolizes the prosperity and income. With its flourishing leaves, it is considered as an ornamental plant. The plant prefers the moist soil and shady areas. The plant should be kept in the bright corner and must not be turned frequently so as to enable them to grow straight.


The flowers of the chrysanthemum plant are used to filter the benzene, which is present in the paint, glue, and detergent.  This yellow colored flower is considered as the best feng shui office plants as it represents the happiness and optimism. As it is one of the low maintenance plant, it requires spending only a less time for taking care.

It grows well in the bright light and placing the plant near the window helps to absorb the light. The plant gives best results if you grow it in the fertile soil. It is essential to fertilize the plant during summer so as to avoid the attack of harmful insects.

Moth Orchid

It is used to decorate the office. These plants as they are nocturnal, they grow well in darkness. The grown up plant resembles a moth. It has to be placed in the shady areas with low light. Further,its flowers are known to be the wedding flowers in Asian countries.

Peace Lily

According to feng shui, this plant is used to promote the harmony and happiness to the people.  As the name suggests, the plant is used to calm the people suffering from any stress. Also, the leaves of the plants are used to clean the surrounding air in the office.

It plays a major role in breaking down the toxic gasses. The color of the leaves is yellow and it can grow well below the temperature of about 45degree Fahrenheit.


It symbolizes purity and moral strength. Usually, it has to placed at the entrance of the office. According to buddhism, it is believed that it gives knowledge and enlightenment to the surrounding environment. At the same time, it helps to increase the spiritual condition of the people.

Jade Plant

It is commonly called as crassula ovate and are creatures that gives small flowers. In Asian countries, people grow this plant, to improve their prosperity.  The plant has coin shaped succulent leaves and it doesn’t require more water. Also, it has shiny leaves. The shedding of the leaves indicates that the plant require more water than you give it daily. It starts to bloom at the time of winter.

It is necessary to keep the soil of the pot in  a moist condition even if it is a small pot. Many people consider that the jade plants are the symbol of good luck as it resembles the artificial decorative plant. The reason behind keeping the plant in the office is,it can strengthen the energy of the workers. At the same time, it symbolizes to increase the profit of the office.     

Plum Blossom

The main thing for placing the plant in the office is that the blossoms of it are considered as a symbol of purity and gives fortune to the surrounding people. The plum blossom is known for its fragrance and can make the people have a positive thoughts.


The color of magnolia is white; the color of purity and affection. It is better to place the plant in the front yard to give a good thought to the people. As it  seems to be  a good luck plant, it is used  to improve the prosperity.

Maintenance and Care of Feng  Shui Plants

It gives best results in the loose soil with a lot of drainage holes and hence, while planting, ensure that the pot has enough drainage facilities. Keep watering the plants regularly without fail. In between the watering, look after the fact that avoids drying of the top soil.  As it prefers indirect sunlight, people should keep the plant away from the direct sunlight. It requires the temperature between 65 to 70 degrees to grow well.

It is not essential to fertilize the plant. If necessary, you can add the African violet fertilizer to  improve the growth of the feng shui plant. Feng  shui plants play an important role in purifying the surrounding air. It helps to absorb the radiation from the electronic devices. As it is considered as a lucky plant, it helps in relieving you from stress and encourage in doing the work in a relaxed manner.

It is advisable maintain the plant with proper care soon after planting. Thus, the plant can stay for the long periods of time without any diseases. If you like this article, you are always welcome to provide feedback.