The spider plant which is also known as the Airplane plant survives even in the indirect and filtered sun lighting conditions. The spider plant is a marvelous housing plant with the scientific name of Chlorophytum Comosum. It is the most popular and preferable plant that works well in cleansing the harmful toxic air pollutant substances from the surroundings.

How To Grow An Airplane Plant

Growing Basics Of The Airplane Plant

The Airplane plant is easy to grow and maintain due to the green edges of white stripes on the long sword-like leaves. Mostly, it is hung in a basket, to keep on attracting the visitors.

Lighting Condition

The airplane plant or the spider plant can be grown in a location near to the window space. This plant requires moderate lighting condition to keep the plant in the moist state without being exposed directly to the sunlight, as it causes damage to the leaves.


Great care should be taken while watering the airplane plant. Water the spider plant occasionally during the summer season to keep the soil in a moist condition, in order to avoid the damage caused due to the leaves. In the spring season, water it by spraying on the leaves directly.


The airplane plant requires only a tolerable room temperature between 35 and 65 degrees F. The temperature range varies with different varieties of the spider plant.

Fertilizer Usage

The spider plant requires good fertilizers to grow the plantlets in an efficient way. Use the fertilizer once in a week on the airplane plants during the summer season. Spray the liquid fertilizer to safeguard the plants from the pest and insects.

Soil Condition

The airplane plant requires rich nutrient soil conditions to survive long duration. Use the drained soil for planting and growing the spider plant. It is responsible for flourishing and grooming the flowerings of the spider plant.

Repotting Process

With the rich nutrient contents present in the soil, the repotting becomes easier. To grow the plantlets healthier, the best choice is to go with the repotting process. The spider plant is the fast growing plant and hence, repotting should be done once in a year.

Procedure To Grow The Airplane Plantlets

The airplane plants or the spider plants shows the presence of yellow stripes on the greenish colored leaves that grow up to a height of 18 inches. They usually bloom with the white tiny flowerings during the summer season. This plant helps to remove the contamination present in the air thereby, improves the air quality of the surroundings. The procedure to expand the babies of the spider plant is given as follows.

  • First, the small plantlets of the spider plant should be identified and removed carefully; The small plantlets are usually found near to the stem of the large spider plants.
  • Choose the small pot with the rich soil content and a proper drainage space.
  • Place the new pot to the old one and get rid of the sand around the small plantlets.
  • Carefully unplug the small plantlet from the old pot and place it in the new pot.
  • Maintain the new plantlet with great care of watering, lighting, humidity, and maintain it at an average room temperature.

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