Do you know how to grow and care the philodendron? Philodendron gives a great appearance to the office.  Besides, it provides many benefits to the people.  As it can’t survive the direct sunlight, it can adapt the climatic conditions inside the room. It is an indoor plant and is not suitable to be grown outdoors.

How To Grow and Care philodendron

Before purchasing the philodendron plant, know how to maintain it with proper care and decide if you can do the same.

Philodendron- Things To Know

The following are the essential things to know about the philodendron plants.


Philodendron is a climbing vine and it comes in different varieties. It is known as sweetheart plant because of its heart-shaped leaves. It can tolerate the dark interiors. Whenever the soil of the plants gets dried, wet it with water to produce the bright colored foliage.  As it seems to be one of the ornamental plants, it can be grown either in the office or in the home.


The plant can be maintained very easily without any difficulty. It doesn’t require much water but at the same time, you should check the condition of the soil to avoid letting it dry. It prefers to grow in low light conditions.

While watering, you should examine whether the soil is in a dried state. It is better to water the plant with rain water. During spring and summer season, you should feed them with the best quality fertilizer.

The balanced liquid fertilizer contains macro-nutrients, which comprise of calcium and magnesium. It is essential to fertilize the plant every 4 to 6 weeks. It grows well in the peat based soil in a pot.  Slow growth of the plant and the small leaf size are due to the lack of fertilizer. Avoid using the non-organic or synthetic fertilizer to prevent the plants from getting hurt.

As the plant is capable of growing larger, trim the leaves of the plant to maintain the shape that can appropriately fit into the office or any other room. Trimming the plant provides a great appearance to it.

It needs a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to grow well in the normal room temperature and requires only limited light.

It seems to be a toxic absorbent plant and hence, it is essential to remove the dust in the leaves so as to enable it to absorb the toxins and other air particles.

Where Should You Place It?

Place the plant away from the direct sunlight. However,as it requires the bright light, it is better to place the plant near to the window. Place the plant in a well-drained pot. On keeping the plant in a well- drained pot to give a longer lifespan.


Philodendron plays a major role in eliminating the formaldehyde and other toxins from the surrounding air.  It helps to remove the harmful gasses that cause dangerous effects to the human beings.  It further helps in purifying the air.

Tips For Care

It is advisable that you should always keep the plant away from the direct sunlight. Else, it will burn the leaf of the plant and retards the growth of the plant. With over watering, it causes the leaves of the plant to turn yellow. The occurrence of the brown leaves are the signs of lack of water.  In the case of low humidity, the leaf becomes shrivel, which can be avoided by placing wet pebbles on the topmost layer of the soil.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to grow a philodendron. If you maintain the plant with proper care, it can survive for long periods of time. If you like this review, kindly share it on social networking sites.