Office plants are indoor plants, used within the working space. These plants require very less sunlight and maintenance. Some office plants reduce pollution in the surrounding area and some plants give a pleasant fragrance in the working area. There are many types and varieties of office plants.

Lucky Bamboo Office Plant

One among these office plants is bamboo. The scientific name of this plant is Dracaena sanderiana. This bamboo is also referred as good luck office plant because many people believe that planting bamboo in the houses will yield profit and wealth.

Lucky Plant

Bamboo is a very popular tree among Asian countries. Many people use these trees in their homes and office because this plant is referred as a lucky plant. From ancient days, Bamboo represents the symbol of fortune and prosperity in many Asian countries. They grow these small plants inside their home and this tradition is followed by many people till now. The full use of the lucky bamboo can be received when these plants are placed properly in a correct place.

Growing A Lucky Bamboo Office Plant

Growing a bamboo office plant is very simple. You should follow the following steps while growing a lucky bamboo plant.

Choose The Best Stalk

The first step in growing a lucky bamboo office plant is choosing the stalk. Best stalk should be chosen for growing the plant because the improper stalk will decay and die. The important points for choosing best stalk are given below.

  • Check whether the stalk and leaves smell fresh, if there is any funky odor, don’t buy it.
  • Check whether the stem and roots are healthy and firm. Avoid buying the plant if it has any black or brown dots.
  • Choose the stalk with brightly colored leaves.
  • Check whether the height of the stalk is tall enough to get the shoots out of it.

How To Plant?

The bamboo office plants should be planted properly without any damage and diseases. The important steps in planting them are given below.

  • Take the plant, clean the stem and roots carefully and then check for damage.
  • Remove the dead leaves from the plant and place it in the bowl containing pebbles. You can use a suitable pebble to fill the bowl.
  • Place the pebbles at 2-inch height and water the bowl for 1 inch.
  • This plant does not require sunlight so that it can be kept in indoor regions with sunlight.
  • If you wish, you can arrange several sticks together in a single bowl.


Water is the essential ingredient of this plant. The root tips should be completely immersed in the water. The water should be available throughout the day; less water will affect the plant.


The next step of growing this plant is caring. The important points to be followed while caring are listed below.

  • Clean fresh water should be used for this plant. Stagnant water will increase the bacterial growth in the plants.
  • Change the water weekly. While changing the water, check whether the roots and the stem are affected.
  • Keep the plant away from direct sunlight, direct heat, and cool drafts.
  • Trim the plant with scissors to keep it neat. But be careful; do not cut the stems while trimming.
  • Feed the plant with mild fertilizer as it will nourish the plant.

Meaning Of Number Of Stalks

As growing a bamboo plant in the office is lucky, there are certain numbers of stalks that will keep you lucky.  The number of stalks and their meanings is listed below.

One                –          Simple life

Two                –           love, double luck

Three              –           Happiness, good luck

Four                –           Avoids death

Five                 –           Wealth, health, creativeness, excitement

Six                    –         Health, happiness, harmony

Seven               –           Health

Eight                –           Growth, wealth, prosperity

Nine                 –          Good fortune, most lucky

Ten                   –           Perfection, complete

Twenty-one     –           Powerful blessing

Uses Of Bamboo

The bamboo tree is also referred as a lucky tree and so, it can be used in various places like homes, office etc., this tree brings prosperity, health, wealth, and fortune and hence this plant is commonly seen in the office. This tree can live in shady places with very less sunlight and can be used within the indoor environment. This tree grows towards the light and  is very easy to obtain bends with this tree. This tree symbolizes success for beginners and for Buddhists it determines prosperity.

So, buy and use a lucky bamboo tree in your home and share your views in the box given below.