Most of the people love to decorate their house and yard with the attractive plants hanging in a basket. But some people find hard to choose the perfect plant for their hanging basket to decorate their house. Choosing the best hanging basket plants is based on certain rules.

The chosen plant should be rich in nutrients, should have a free path for the drainage, the should possess the capacity to sense the climate and the water content of the soil.

Best hanging basket plants

The hanging basket is the best idea and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas and are also available as artificial hanging plants for those who lack time to maintain.

List Of Best Hanging Basket Plants

The hanging basket plants provide a new dimensional look for gardening and house decoration and reduce the space utilized. With the use of the listed hanging basket plants, it is easy for you to choose the best one.


The lantana plant is easy to grow and maintain and helps to flourish the garden with less moisturizing capability. This flowers are bright colored and occur mostly during the summer season. It acts like a magnet to attract the butterflies and humming birds in the garden. This flower blooms with the blossom of six inches height of different colors such as orange, white, yellow, purple, and red.


The Biden is the beautiful flower which is suitable for the hanging baskets.  It comes with the yellow colored flower. The Biden plant consists of the different varieties of various fragrances that attract most of the butterflies towards the plant. The Biden plants blooms during the month of July and October.


The lobelia plant blooms mostly during the summer season and it is a great pleasure to have this type of plants in the garden in the hanging baskets. The lobelia plant is more attractive herb when compared to the other types of plants, which grow up to five inches of height.

It commonly blooms with light blue, pale green, yellow, and violet color flowers. It should be fully exposed to the sunlight and it is rich in soil moisture, to help the plant grow in an efficient manner.


The petunia plant is excellent in bedding to produce the bunch blooming of the flowers. It consists of many varieties that help to attract most of the birds and humans toward them. The best preferred season for planting this type of plants is the summer.


This type of hanging basket plants is well known for its large group of flowerings. It consists of groups of greenish colored plants that consist of a long stalk with the dark and light patterns on the leaves.

This type of plants requires a temperature of 70 degrees F during the day time and 50 degrees F in the night time. It can tolerate bright lights and it needs a perfect path for drainage with the equal amount of soil in the hanging basket.

These are the best hanging plants suitable to be grown in your office. Considering purchasing one that attracts you.