Do you know that some of the plants can grow without getting exposed to the direct sunlight? There are no light office plants that can grow in the office light or in the dark places requires only little maintenance, low light, and low watering. These are the  best plants to be grown in a windowless office too.

No light office plants

Best No light office plants

In your office you can keep the no light office plants as it do not require direct sunlight. So no other  extra efforts  has  to be taken to  maintain it.  Here, we have suggested certain plants that grow without sunlight in office.

Heartleaf  Philodendron

It can tolerate the dark interiors. When the soil of the plants gets dried, you can wet it with water. It produces bright colored foliage. The plant can be maintained easily without any difficulty. They can grow well in the normal room temperature and requires only limited light.


The plant can grow well in the office as it can thrive in the fluorescent lights. The fittonia is named as nerve or mosaic plant. The color of the leaves is deep green and the veins are in silvery white color. It grows well without direct sunlight  and it  can survive well in the fluorescent lights of the office.

Jade Plant

It is commonly called as crassula ovate which are creatures gives small flowers. It doesn’t require more water and has shiny leaves. The shedding of the leaves indicate that the plant needs more amount of water. It starts to bloom at the time of winter. One can grow this plant in a small pot. Many people consider that the jade plants are the symbol of good luck.

Umbrella plant

Watering and feeding the plant too much will cause serious problems to the plant. So, it is advisable to provide limited watering and food for them.  After the top soil had dried, you can pour water on it. As it is a toxic plant, it has to be kept away from the pets and children.

Spider Plant

It can climb in the high shelves and in the baskets and play an important role in improving the air in the surrounding environment. It helps to clean the air and relieve you from the dust and reduces the other symptoms of allergy. This spider plant had the capacity to withstand even at the time of infrequent watering.


It produces the cluster flowers which are waxy and they are in the colors of pink and white. The flowers produce a super fragrance which attracts the people very much.


It is commonly called as goldfish plant and it produces the yellow or orange blooms. This plant consists of dark green leaves. One noteworthy thing about the plant is that it can grow well in the basket. It can tolerate the cool temperature than the hot climatic condition.

English Ivy

It is as the good one to grow in the office because it helps to remove the mold. As it can adapt different weather conditions, it can grow easily either in indoor or in outdoor and is available in different sizes and shapes. As it prefers dry soil, you have to examine whether the soil is in the dry condition while watering the plant.

Peace Lily

As the leaves of the plant are used to clean the surrounding air, it is placed in the office.  It plays a major role in breaking down the toxic gases. The color of the leaves is yellow.  It can grow well below the temperature of about 45degree Fahrenheit.

You can place the above listed plants in your office. After planting, take proper action to  provide the greatest security to the plant.