Plants are the living organism that takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen. These plants are beneficial because the oxygen released by them is essential for surviving human life. Further, Spider plant is also an important variety of plant that helps in increasing the oxygen content in the atmosphere.

Spider Plant For Office

Other than this, the plant cleans the hazardous pollutants present in the atmosphere. The important features of the spider plant are given below.

Spider Plant

The scientific name of the spider plant is Chlorophytum comosum. Other names of spider plants are airplane plant, spider ivy, ribbon plant, etc. This plant is originated in South Africa and is spread throughout the world. It is a perennial herb and a flowering house plant. The maximum height of this plant is about 24 inches and it has a fleshy tuberous root.

Flowers And Leaves

Spider plant is a flowering plant with long branched inflorescence. The branches of the flowers are about 30-inches in length and they bend downwards. Generally, the flowers are greenish white in color with a long stalk. The flowering branches carry plant lets at the top and these plant lets fall to form a new plant by producing tuberous roots.

The leaves of this plant show a combo of three colors; yellow, cream, and green. The name spider is given to this plant because the leaves of this plant generally appear in clusters with a solid base. The leaves are long with spike-like structures that bend down. These leaves look attractive.


The spider plant can be used both as an indoor plant and as an outdoor plant. This plant can live with less sunlight and hence they are used in the offices. It is also used as an ornamental plant in many places; requires watering whenever the soil is dry. Over watering will affect the quality of plant to a great extent. As this plant grows with tuberous roots, it requires lesser maintenance only.

Special Features

The important feature of this plant is its leaves. The leaves of this plant are adapted to withstand any climatic condition and hence, the plant can be grown in the places with and without sunlight. The harmful pollutants in the air can be reduced and this plant can also reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere. This plant should be watered whenever the pot is dry; else the leaves will start browning. The place around the spider plant has purified air which helps all the persons.

Benefits Of Spider Plant

The spider plant purifies the environment and offers a pollution free and safe air for breathing. Also, the plant is being used as part of the healthy diet by the people in Africa. Spider plant is rich in minerals and nutrient contents. It has vitamin C, magnesium, protein, calcium, etc., the leaves of this plant absorbs carbon monoxide, which is a harmful gas circulating in the air. Using this plant in the home, will maintain the health of the family.

Spider Plant Toxicity-Is it edible?

Spider plant is a not a harmful plant and it can be taken as a regular food supplement. Apart from the humans, this plant is non-toxic for animals too. Cats and dogs can eat this plant and this plant is healthy for them too.

These are the various features of the spider plant. Hope this article is useful to you. If you own a spider plant and wish to take care of it, read our article on Steps To Take Care Of The Spider Plants.