Usually, the tall office plants help to catch the attention of the people. Tall plants with blossoms add beauty to the office. Several reasons are there for decorating the office with the tall plants. It gives a cooling effect to the surrounding environment and helps to feel the nature. Further, they can be grown for a longer period of time.

Tall office plants

What Are The Best Tall Office Plants?

The list of the best tall office plants suitable for placing indoors include,


The reason for choosing this plant as the best one is because it can grow up to 60 feet when maintained properly. Sometimes, the height of the plant varies based on the cultivator. It can survive for about several years and has broad evergreen leaves. The ficus plant is famous for its attractive foliage and low light tolerance.

In the case of low humidity, it undergoes the problem of leaf dropping. The disease of the leaf spot can be produced by the pathogens. It prefers filtered light than the direct light as it causes scalding of the leaves and loss of leaf.


It gives you very large colorful flowers at the time of summer. The stems of the plants are covered with the long and evergreen leaves. It will drop its leaves and undergoes dormant stage during winter. You should fertilize the plant at summer and spring with limited quantity.

The important note is to keep the plant moist without over watering the plant. It grows well in direct sunlight.  The sap of the plant  seems to be toxic and should be kept away from the children. During growing and blooming, it requires watering in a large quantity.

Jade Plant

It is commonly called as crassula ovate which are creatures giving small flowers. This plant has the capacity to tolerate different light conditions. It can grow up to 10 feet high.  The jade plant can grow well in the pots and requires only little maintenance.

It doesn’t require more water and has shiny leaves. The shedding of the leaves indicates that the plant needs more water. It starts to bloom at the time of winter. Many people consider that the jade plants are the symbol of good luck.

Bird of Paradise

The foliage of the plant resembles the banana plant with paddle shaped leaves. It grows up to 8 feet tall without the stem. Blue or white colored flowers are produced by this plant.

As the plant is more poisonous, you are advised to keep the plant away from the children. It grows well in the direct sunlight and needs less quantity of water during fall and winter.

Water with high salt content can damage the plant. It requires a temperature between 65 to 75 degrees.

Norfolk Island Pine

The plant is that it  can grow up to  100 feet  high and  offers good  shade to the people. You should keep the soil of the plant always moist. It prefers high humidity hence,you should examine whether the soil of the plant is wet or in dry condition. The leaf of the plant gets dried when it lacks water.

It is also called as Christmas tree.  You  can add the bells on the tree for extra beauty. The reason for planting  this kind  of tree  in the office is that  during the time of festivals you  can decorate  the plant with some lightings,  which gives the  most  elegant  appearance to the office.

Kentia Palm

It needs good watering and fertilizing to stay healthy and can grow up to 10 to 12 feet high. This kind of plant is used in the office to decorate it. It gives an elegant look to the office. The kentia palm plays a major role in removing the pollution from the surrounding air. As they are thirsty plants, you have to supply the water frequently without fail. By providing the good drainage pot to the plant, they stay long.

Select the plant which suits your needs. After planting, maintain the plants  properly to avoid the leaf related diseases. To get an idea about the best indoor plants read our article featuring the best plants.