An office is a place where people work continuously without rest. Such environment will reduce the power of employees thereby, reduces the capability of the user. So, to avoid this environment in the office, scientists prescribe to use indoor office plants.

Top 20 Indoor Office Plants

Office plants will help the user to reduce the pollution within their working area. Using plants in the office will keep the employee relaxed and it will also help them to increase their capability. This plants will keep the mind of employee relax without any stress.

Indoor Office Plants

The office plants used inside the office is referred as indoor office plants. There are many office plants that can be used inside the office; some of them are listed below.

1. Jade Plant: This is a small plant with small flowers and grows with very less watering and it keeps your office crystal clear. In Japan, this plant is referred as money plant and many business people consider this plant for their success.

2. African Violet: It is a flowering plant that requires maintenance. This plant occupies very less space and it keeps the mood of the workers fresh.

3. Chinese Evergreen: This plant acts as the best office plant because it requires very less maintenance. This plant helps to remove harmful toxins from the air and can live in less light.

4. Snake Plant: The snake plant is a brightly colored plant that helps to maintain a pleasant environment within the office. This plant has sparkling bright green color leaves with yellow-green border.

5. English Ivy: English ivy is an evergreen plant that absorbs all the impurities from the air. This plant will also reduce pollution and increase the fresh air within the atmosphere.

6. Peace Lily: The peace lily is an air filtering plant that occupies space in the office. This plant develops clean air in the working environment and enriches the health of the employee.

7. Cactus: Cactus is a plant that is grown in various shapes similar to round, conical, etc. and requires very less water and sunlight for its survival.

8. Weeping Fig: This plant requires little maintenance and it will filter all the pollutants within the coverage area. Commonly, the pollutants from the furniture and carpets are completely eradicated with the help of this plant.

9. Aloe: The aloe is a small plant that can easily fit the desks with the monitor. These plants can withstand hazardous conditions such as light. They require very less light for their growth. These plants can be used to filter the impurities in the air. The gel inside these plants can be used to cure wounds and burns.

10. Fittonia: Fittonia is also an office plant that can be used in the indoor environment. This plant can live with very less sunlight and it thieves on fluorescent lights and can also be referred as the nerve plant or mosaic plant. It has a gentle look and it helps the users to focus on their work.

11. Warneck Dracaena: This plant is commonly used in the office area because it has pollution reducing capacity. Other than this, the plant can also be used to separate various regions of the office area. This plant is attractive and it can grow very long. This plant suits the best for the offices with compact floors in it.

12. Philodendrons: The important feature of the philodendron plant is, it reduces the CO2 in the indoor environment. By reducing CO2, this plant reduces stress, headache etc, from the employees. These plants can grow long and can survive with very less maintenance.

13. Parlor Palm: Parlor palm is a suitable indoor office plant because it requires very less light for its growth. This tree is also referred as a small palm tree and has many characteristics similar to a palm tree. It also offers the employees a warm environment under cool condition.

14. Gerber Daisy: This is a flowering plant that can be used in an indoor environment. Using this plant will reduce the toxic substances such as benzene in the air. This plant suits the best in the region with printers.

15. Ming Aralia: Ming Aralia is an office plant that suits the best within the workplace and region. This plant will suit the places with workspace separation. It is bushy and it requires a wide coverage area and only water for growth.

16. Umbrella Tree: The umbrella tree is a suitable plant for indoor use. This tree can grow tall and can be used for privacy. Other than this, there are various small versions of umbrella tree and these versions will suit the desk perfectly.

17. ZZ Plant: ZZ plant is the best low maintenance plant that you can find very easily. This plant will produce a tropical feel on your workspace. It requires very less workspace and it also produces flowers within the workspace.

18. Pothos: This plant can be used in any place and it suits the best in the indoor environment. It requires water for growth and it has very less maintenance. Other than this, the plant can filter out all the unwanted pollutants in the air and can be left for a week without maintenance and it also requires trimming.

19. Spider Plant: The spider plant is also one of the best-suited office plants that can be used in the indoor environment. This plant cleans the polluted air completely and enhances the efficiency of the workers and can also be placed in hanging pots and desk.

20. Azalea: This plant is a flowering plant and it requires very less sunlight. It needs very less maintenance and can be placed in a less place. An important feature of this plant is, it can maintain a cool environment within the office and also, filters the harmful pollutants from the air.

Hence, the above listed are the top 20 indoor office plants that can be used within the office. So, choose the best plant for your office and share your views in the box given below.

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